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Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

the meaning behind the song "i have a dream"

The song populared by westlife is a song has a lyric that is very beautiful and touching. 
Dreams, everyone must have a dream. becasuse many people assumed that life originated from a dream. without dreams we do not know what the purpose of our lives, it can become our motivation to keep living life and achieve our dream.
Dreams can be also referred to as our life plan. what will we do in the future. despite having a lot of obstacles. we should be able to deal with it.
dream is a form of extension of hope. Without a dream may be questioned 'for what you live?'. Certainly not just live like a plant.
This song also teaches that in order to realize the dream is not easy. But we'll get a nice result when we can realize our dreams. Therefore, do not stop to dream. Keep dreaming, because the dream will generate tremendous energy and keep the energy up your dreams come true ... ^_^ 

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